If you think bubble tea and chicken sounds like an odd combination, you’ve clearly never experienced the culinary magic happening at Chunky Cup. Their menu of modern and inventive iced tea beverages and delicious crispy wings tantalizes the tastebuds in an unexpected but delicious way.

When you come to try Chunky Cup for yourself, start by carefully selecting your drink. The cafe has a few options you won’t find anywhere else, like the Blue Pink Drink. It looks like a unicorn in a cup, with layers of pretty pink strawberry milk and rich blue butterfly pea foam. To experience an actual “Chunky Cup,” try the Mango Tango, a mix of fresh mango and passion green tea lemonade infused with rainbow jelly. The baristas also craft more traditional versions of milk and fruit tea, alongside iced teas capped with sweet cream cheese foam. When it comes to the cuisine, you can’t go wrong with the mini Chunky Chicks (AKA popcorn chicken) and traditional or parmesan fries, or a set of wings dressed in lemon-pepper or barbecue sauce.