Barbeque Bueno pulls a little bit of culinary inspiration from the American South and a little bit from south of the border, culminating in a new type of fusion fare fittingly referred to as “Mex-que.” The blending of Mexican cuisine and classic barbecue results in one-of-a-kind burritos, tacos, and nachos you won’t find anywhere else.Come to the brick-and-mortar location on Pennsylvania Ave or see where the food truck’s heading today if you want to taste-test some of Barbeque Bueno’s greatest hits! Dig into a burrito bowl loaded with tender brisket or pulled pork over a bed of cilantro rice with black beans, coleslaw, fresh pico, a dollop of cumin-infused sour cream, and the house-made barbecue sauce (also available wrapped up as a burrito). Prefer a quesadilla or nachos? They both come packed with the same meats: pork, brisket, or chicken—it’s your choice. You can also grab tacos stuffed with barbecue, homemade mac and cheese topped with freshly smoked meats, or one of the fusion burgers at Barbeque Bueno. Plus, there’s a separate but similar menu for your youngsters