What better way to welcome the height of springtime than with a bike ride? If you haven’t ridden in a while, your bike might need a bit of a touch-up; luckily, The Bike Shop right here in Centreville is here to get your bicycle in tip-top shape and ready to ride along your favorite trail.

Run by owner Jeff Carlson, The Bike Shop offers repairs, tune-ups, and parts to meet all of your maintenance needs. They can refresh your bike for the season or fix any issues that might have kept you from riding in the past. Need a flat tire fixed, a seat replaced, or brakes adjusted? Staff can make repairs or show you how to make an easy fix on your own. The Bike Shop even offers a full bike tune-up including a body clean up and wax, gear service, tire check, and more.

If you’re familiar with repairs and maintenance already, you can also pick up individual parts, from training wheels to new pedals. You can even buy a whole new bike—The Bike Shop is an authorized retailer for Marin, Fuji, and Haro bikes and carries Bintelli Electric Bicycles. And, with their repair and maintenance offerings, you know your new bike will be in good hands when the time comes for it to be fixed up!