Have you ever heard of a Racing Homer? It’s a type of pigeon with an unexpected connection to Eavesdrop Brewery in Manassas. The bird has long been enlisted to compete in pigeon racing, wherein the Racing Homer pigeons would be released from a particular destination and charged with traveling a specified distance before returning home—something only this specific type of bird could do. Eavesdrop Brewery resides in a building that was once the starting and finishing point for these unique races.

That’s why its logo bears the image of a pigeon. Such a unique history fittingly has yielded a unique brewery, complete with beautifully designed indoor and outdoor spaces. Spend the last few weeks of summer sipping a house-brewed beer out at a picnic table between rounds of cornhole, and then come back in the autumn and winter to cozy up around one of the fire pits for an evening. You can also choose to sit inside the warm, inviting taproom to try one of Eavesdrop’s ever-changing suds. The brewery also offers a small selection of wine and grub from Eugene’s Sausage & Fries.