Expansion during a pandemic? District Eatz did it, which just goes to show you what a winning recipe for success that this new eatery has. The first spot opened in the heart of DC less than a year ago, with the newest outpost located in Clifton, in the plaza with Giant Foods.

Perhaps its popularity is due to its something-for-everyone approach to the menu. You can get both a fresh smoothie, healthy acai bowl, and protein shake at District Eatz, along with gooey mac and cheese, waffles topped with ice cream, and perfectly fried empanadas. Finally, a place where clean eaters and cheat-day enthusiasts can dine together and get exactly what they want.

The atmosphere at District Eatz is fun and casual, with walls decked out in graffiti and a friendly staff ready to give a recommendation. District Eatz feels more like a family-run restaurant than a hip, fast-casual spot on the verge of a franchise expansion. Give the Clifton spot a try this week and see if you agree!