If you’re a huge fan of game nights with family and friends, take your favorite pastime to the next level at Break My Game! Playtesting. A few times a month, Crossroads Tabletop Tavern hosts a special afternoon of gameplay. Of course, the tavern’s huge library of established board games is available to you, but with the addition of rough drafts of new board and card games.

Game designers seize this opportunity to test-drive what they’re working on and fix any issues before their tabletop games hit the market. You’ll have the opportunity to play new games and then chat with the folks working on them, providing feedback and ideas for improvement. All the while, you can enjoy everything else that Crossroads Tabletop Tavern has to offer—including adult beverages and gastropub bites! There’s no need to register or RSVP for Break My Game! Playtesting. Check out the upcoming schedule and show up!.