Was your New Year’s resolution to get out of your comfort zone and seek out unique experiences? It really doesn’t get any more unique than the Splatter Room at Cafe Pottery. Before you step into the splatter room, you have to get fully suited up—that includes a provided jumpsuit, shoe covers, gloves, and glasses. It’s the only way to avoid your own clothing becoming part of the artsy carnage.

Once you’re ready to roll, step into the room and start splattering! A 16 x 20 canvas will be hung on the wall and, theoretically, that’s your target. But as you create an abstract work of art, feel free to get as messy as possible as you coat it with paint. The entire room is made to be splattered with excess paint—something that will be obvious from the moment you step inside! Reserve a session in the splatter room for you and a few friends, or you can book a private session to learn how to shape ceramics using the pottery wheel. Cafe Pottery’s owner Andrew has decades of experience as a professional ceramicist, so you can rest assured you’ll be getting the very best instruction.