Now that warmer weather is back in Fairfax County, you’re likely looking for any and every excuse to do everything outdoors. From dining to your daily commute and even your exercise routine, warm weather opens you up to all kinds of outdoor activities. If you’re ready to cancel your gym membership in favor of running, biking and swimming outside, here are a few great outdoor workout options in the area.

Hit a park. Lucky for all of you avid hikers and runners, Fairfax County has its fair share of scenic parks perfect for a day outdoors. Hit the trails at Colvin Run Mill, Ellanor C. Lawrence Park, Huntley Meadows Park or any of the area’s other natural areas for a day of fun and exercise.

Explore a bike trail. Got a bike? Hop on and hit a bike trail in Fairfax County to explore the area and get in some great cardiovascular exercise while you do it. Trails like the ones at Lake Fairfax Park, Brookfield Park and Lake Accotink Park are great for avid cyclists, and since some even offer low-cost rentals, you don’t even have to have your own bike to enjoy them.

Do yoga outdoors. Come summertime, many local yoga studios offer outdoor classes in area parks and other outdoor spaces. While some focus on the yoga, others take place at breweries and other places with post-yoga drinks and snacks.

Go golfing. Whether you’re already an avid golfer or you’ve always been itching to learn, there are ample opportunities for golfing in Fairfax County. Check out Burke Lake Golf Center, Greendale Golf Course, Jefferson District Golf Course or any of the area’s other golf courses to work on your swing and get fit under the summer sun.

Play with your pup. If you’re a dog owner, you likely already know how much fun it is to go for a run, a hike or just play fetch with your pup. Getting outdoors with your dog is a great way to get active, and it keeps your dog happy and healthy, too. Hit one of the area dog parks or just slip on your running shoes and hit the trail at a dog-friendly park.