If your rotation of takeout restaurants in Centreville doesn’t include Shilla Bakery, you’re missing out. The bakery specializes in Korean baked goods and breads, as well as other Asian and European specialties you might not find at a traditional bakery.

Start by ordering a few different sweet buns—they come stuffed with unexpected ingredients like red beans, almond buttercream, and mocha buttercream. Condensed milk bread and cream cheese pound cake are a couple of the other unusual dessert options. Want something savory? The garlic cream cheese baguette or the bacon egg roll are sure to hit the spot.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, order a six-inch green tea chiffon cake or mango cream cake. The bakery also boasts an extensive menu of bingsoo (shaved ice), coffee, and tea, as well as more familiar breakfast and lunch options like breakfast sandwiches and paninis.