It takes a three-step process to create the signature Korean fried chicken dished out at Bonchon Centreville. First, the chef coats juicy chicken with a mix of special seasonings and flour. Next, they dip it into the fryer not once but twice to achieve that crispy outer layer. Finally, they brush it by hand with your choice of sauce (soy-garlic or spicy) to ensure no nook or cranny goes un-sauced.

All you have to do is choose your cut of chicken, from drumsticks to strips, and select the sauce. Then wait patiently as the magic happens before your eyes. Enjoy the signature chicken with a side of fries, kimchi, or onion rings, or have it as a starter before savoring something a little different. The Korean fusion menu also encompasses appetizers such as pork buns, featuring fluffy bao wraps stuffed with pork belly, cole slaw, katsu sauce, sesame seeds, and takoyaki, AKA fried octopus dumplings. When it comes to entrees, the chef whips up traditional dishes such as beef bulgogi, bibimbap, and fried rice.