If you’re looking for the world’s greatest fajitas, your mind might not go immediately to a tavern here in Centreville. But, once you’ve tried Sweetwater Tavern’s chicken, steak, or portobello fajita, you’ll know this must be your new go-to. As one reviewer puts it, “WOW! They definitely deserve their hype! Even though I was completely stuffed, I couldn’t help but eat every last bite-something which is rare for me-because the fajitas were just that amazing.” Pair your fajitas of choice with Sweetwater’s Tex-Mex egg rolls to complete the experience. Some other customer favorites include the drunken ribeye, crab cakes, and jambalaya pasta. Opt for a salad or sandwich if you’d rather a lighter option, or if you just want to save room for dessert — who could turn down a slice of deep dish apple pecan pie? 

Enjoy their outdoor dining area or place an online order and save yourself the trouble of cooking tonight. Be sure to order a cocktail, your favorite wine, or a growler to go to finish off your Sweetwater Tavern visit.