What a sight! Spring has finally sprung, which means that the bright bluebells at Riverbend Park have taken over the landscape. They create a lush blanket of green and periwinkle plants, and can only be seen at the beginning of the season each year.

Don’t miss your chance to take in this yearly spectacle, but don’t just keep your eyes focused on the ground. The other gorgeous signs of spring in Riverbend Park are the towering sycamore trees overhead with their signature camouflage trunks and neon green buds. Riverbend Park offers a short, well-marked trail for you to stroll down, and because it’s mostly flat, it’s a great option for kids or those who prefer a leisurely walk. It is also part of the larger Potomac Heritage Trail if you’re a more advanced hiker that wants to make a full day of the historic area of Great Falls.

Don’t take too long to visit the Riverbend Park area – the bluebells look their best in early April, so plan your trip for this weekend!