The eclectic mix of stationery and knick-knacks at Lil Thingamajigs pays homage to both Eastern and Western culture. While there’s a wide variety of Korean goods, from K-Pop albums to cosmetics, you’ll also find classic pieces of stationery, cards, and other odds and ends that hail from other parts of the world.

If you’re looking for a cute card for an upcoming birthday, Lil Thingamajigs offers ample options, many featuring sweet animated characters that will delight little ones. Need a fresh eye shadow palette for an upcoming special event? The store has those, too. And when it comes to gifts, Lil Thingamajigs has a great variety for kids. From Pokemon LEGO sets to wind-up toys, the inventory has something for everyone. Head to the store to check out the selection, or shop online and have everything shipped right to your home at Lakeside Apartments.