Pet owners always want to keep their dog or cat healthy and happy, but come winter, it can be more difficult than usual to get your pet enough exercise.  If you’re looking for ways to keep your pet occupied before spring rolls around, here are some tips that might improve their quality of life indoors.

Pick up some new toys. If your pet is the type that enjoys playing with toys, adding some new options into the mix might be a great way to add some interest to his or her life. For dogs that are especially high energy and intelligent, try a special puzzle or particularly  challenging chew toy that will add some stimulation.

Engage with your pet. You may love snuggling up on the couch with your pet on a lazy afternoon, but it’s important to remember to also play with your dog or cat for exercise. Aim for a solid 20 minutes every day of indoor play — if will be beneficial for the both of you!

Get outdoors. Just because you may not like the colder weather doesn’t mean your pet doesn’t. On the next mild afternoon, bundle up and  head out to the hiking trail or hit our on-site dog park to burn off some of that pent up energy. Your pup will thank you later with a calm, relaxed disposition at home.

Invest in a dog jacket. If your dog is a smaller or shorter haired breed that gets cold easily, you may want to invest in a dog jacket to keep him or her warmer on your walks. Just like people, dogs can get cold outdoors, so bundling up before leaving the house is a great way to encourage your dog to go outside more and get more exercise in the winter.