After what probably felt like an extra-long spring, summer has finally arrived. That means Mother Nature is set to debut vibrant greenery and bright blooms. If you want to bring some of the outdoors inside, here are a few houseplants that are perfect for summer.

    1. Money plant. You might be able to guess from its name that the money plant is believed to bring prosperity. Boost your luck and the aesthetic of your apartment with this climbing plant, which only requires a little bit of sunlight and can be planted in soil or water.

    2. Coffee plant. Did you know you can grow your own coffee at home? A pint-sized coffee plant probably won’t yield more than enough beans for the occasional cup, but its bright, beautiful leaves will bring the good vibes every day. Place it in indirect sunlight and water it whenever the leaves begin to droop.

    3. String of pearls. If you’re specifically looking for a low-maintenance hanging houseplant, the string of pearls is the perfect pick. Its small, bulbous leaves fall in tendrils from any hanging planter, given that said planter sits in bright, indirect light and the soil stays moist.

    4. Aloe vera. Aloe vera is both a beautiful succulent and home to a soothing gel that has long been used to treat everything from sunburn to small cuts. It’s pretty easy to grow, too, just make sure you provide it with just a moderate amount of light and water. Get it right, and aloe vera will thrive—and even remove toxins from the air!

    5. Fiddle leaf figs. If you want to make more of a statement, the fiddle leaf fig is probably the way to do it. This small tree fits in just about any corner with enough bright and indirect sunlight, and it only asks that you water it when the top layer of the soil starts to dry up.

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