Craving Korean barbecue in Centreville? Visit Honest Grill! Honest Grill offers a classy ambiance with a swanky whisky-bar look, and the service is incredible. This isn’t your typical Korean barbecue joint but rather a great spot to visit for a special occasion, like graduation, an anniversary, or a birthday.

This Korean barbecue spot is all about quality over quantity, and you can truly taste the difference in every bite of meat you grill and savor. Some favorite menu items include the sea urchin and cod roe rice bowl, the pork jowl, the spicy cold buckwheat noodle, the oysters, the soybean stew, the kimchi, and the beef guide. The meats come in both dry-aged and wet-aged options. Keep in mind that the prices are on the more expensive side, but everything is delicious. Fun fact: The restaurant is owned by friends who were all born in 1989, so all of the prices end in 89, which is a nice touch.