It’s that time of year again… Mother’s Day! Instead of the typical and most likely predictable Mother’s Day gift of jewelry, flowers or a homemade card, think outside of the box this year. For this years Mother’s Day, give that mother figure in your life something new that you’ve created with help from your kids. Check out these five Mother’s Day gift ideas that will bring a huge smile to any mother’s face!


Help mom take away the stress of the day with a lavender sugar scrub.


Does that mom in your life need a spot for their keys or rings so they stop misplacing them around the apartment? Make a hand print bowl that will not only become a great thing to keep things but also a great keepsake.


For the mom who loves to read, make them a special bookmark so that earmarks become a thing of the past.


Still get that mom in your life flowers but this year give them to her in mason jar picture vase.


Or, instead of the bouquet of flowers, get that mom in your life a potted plant inside a specially designed flower pot!


Aren’t these ideas great and unique? Most importantly, they are all handmade that any mother figure will love and cherish for a lifetime!