Happy New Year everyone! Was one of your new year’s resolutions to eat better or be healthier or no more “junk” food?  If so, we absolutely applaud you, but don’t forget a little treat once in a while is a-ok and we have the perfect suggestion for you!


One of Centreville’s newest additions is Texas Donuts (13830 Lee Hwy #4, Centreville).  Texas Donuts originated in 2002 in Texas and finally found its way to Northern Virginia last June, giving our town the perfect excuse to give yourself a treat.  Unlike other donut shops you may be familiar with, Texas Donuts bakes their goodies fresh every morning and right in the shop! By baking their items fresh each day, it ensures that everything is super fresh and trust us, you’ll be able to tell as soon as you bite into one of their donuts.


Texas Donuts has more than just your mainstream flavored donuts.  They also have specialty flavored donuts such as Oreo cookie, red velvet, croughnut and if you order a filled donut, they fill the donut with the filling right then and there in front of you!   You will also find bigger sized donuts that can feed more than a few people, ham egg and cheese croissant sandwiches, egg sausage biscuit sandwiches and sausage kolache which is sausage inside their fresh dough with cheese.


Besides the delicious donuts and other freshly made treats at Texas Donuts, you’ll also find warm, welcoming and friendly staff.  From the minute you walk into the donut shop you will be hit with the wonderful smells of donuts, freshly brewed coffee and a smile on the faces of those working behind the counter and that alone goes a long way these days!


Before you run to Texas Donuts just be aware that they do open up very early, 5am Monday through Sunday and 6am on Sundays for your early morning donut and coffee fix, but close at 3pm every day.


We hope you find your way to Texas Donuts and grow to love them as much as we have over the last couple of months!