Coffee shops are practically everywhere, but that’s what makes Bôn Tea House so special. It’s all about the tea at this newly opened café in Centreville, along with the tasty treats that are oh-so good with your favorite drink.

Bon Tea House specializes in matcha, oolong, and a few other varieties of the powerful tea leaf, each served either hot or cold with the perfect amount of sweetness and mix-ins. Summertime calls for a Sakura Splash, cherry blossom tea spiked with citrus and lightly sweetened, or the milk tea version with a healthy dose of creamy milk. Bon Tea House also has matcha or fresh milk soft serve (or swirl) for a refreshing, herby alternative to plain old chocolate or vanilla. Try to dine in on your first visit, because the setting at Bon Tea House is as beautiful as its treats. The open, airy café is a great place to escape the heat this summer.

Find Bon Tea House in Centreville on Pickwick Road with operating hours Tuesday through Saturday.