You can always count on quality at O Bread and Cakes. The bakers enlist only organic ingredients and avoid anything high in salt or additives, resulting in breads and treats that are as natural and healthy as possible. With the original Annandale location currently undergoing renovations, the news that a new O Bread and Cakes opened in Centreville should come as welcome news!

Stop by to pick up one of the unique loaves on the menu at O Bread, like the angel bread. Using a natural leavening agent and organic flour, the kitchen team crafts this flower-shaped bread with a layer of raspberry jam and sweet cream in the center. The chewy blueberry bread forgoes milk, butter, and eggs, for a cream-cheese based bun punctuated with a center of gooey blueberry filling. Looking for something a little simpler to go with dinner? Grab a loaf of multigrain bread or multigrain rolls. If you’re craving something savory for breakfast or lunch, treat yourself to a unique savory pastry—perhaps the pork sung, a biscuit-like bread infused with shredded pork, green onion, and mayo.