Not that you really need an excuse to eat pie, but in case you do need an excuse… is #NationalPieDay!  In 1938, January 23rd was deemed National Pie Day.  You could run to the grocery store and pick up a pie to celebrate, but why not make a pie right in the comfort of your kitchen at Lakeside?


From savory to sweet, the PIEssibilities are endless!  Here are 10 of our favorite and easy pie recipes to help you celebrate #NationalPieDay.


1. Apple Pie

2. Frito Taco Pie

3. Oreo Ice Cream Pie

4. Irish Potato Pie

5. No Bake Chocolate Chip Pie

6. Zucchini Pie

7. Cherry Pie

8. Lasagna Pie

9. Triple Berry Pie

10. Chicken Pot Pie


Is your favorite pie on the list? If not, today is the day to try a new pie and recipe.  Happy National Pie Day!