You might not know it, but there’s such a thing as a traditional Texas doughnut. When Texas Donuts debuted its first location in its namesake state, it started with what’s now the signature treat, the Texas doughnut. It begins with U.S.-made ingredients shaped by hand, as does every doughnut on the menu. The doughnut artist kneads and rolls it into that signature circle, deep-fries it, and then coats it with glaze or tops it with chocolate frosting—perhaps a dusting of rainbow sprinkles.The sweet may sound simple, but the quality of the ingredients and the artisan approach to doughnut-making are what set the Texas doughnut apart at this bakery, which has obviously made its way up from the Southwest to Northern Virginia. Stop in to try the classic Texas doughnut, or indulge in a specialty creation like the maple bacon or cookies and cream doughnuts. You can also sink your teeth into a flaky croughnut, enjoy a Long John filled with Bavarian cream, or try the popular cinnamon twist at Texas Donuts.