Erin Sonn, the owner of eat.YOGA.drink., knows that yoga can foster community anywhere, not just within the walls of a traditional studio. That’s why she exclusively hosts her classes in unconventional spaces—like, for instance, on a grassy knoll overlooking Paradise Springs Winery. Erin is hosting a Yoga in Paradise class at the Clifton Winery on Friday, June 24th.

Her yoga events often sell out, so grab your ticket ASAP ($35) to be part of the fun. The evening kicks off at 6:30 p.m., just as the sun starts to dip toward the horizon, with an hour-long yoga flow that’s suitable for all levels. Bring your own mat, water, and a friend or two. Then set up on the grass at Paradise Springs Winery and wait for Erin’s instruction. Even if you’re a newbie, she’ll be able to carefully guide you through the routine. After that final savasana, stick around for a glass of wine crafted on-site (included in the cost of your ticket) and some socializing with your fellow fitness enthusiasts at Yoga in Paradise.