With the summer season in full swing, it is important to keep yourself and family safe. Whether you are getting ready to go on a vacation or having a stay-cation, we’ve got you covered with our FIVE TOP TIPS ON SUMMER SAFETY!


1.  SPF! SPF! SPF! It doesn’t matter if it is the sun isn’t out, always applyat least 1 ounce of sunscreen to your entire body.  Don’t forget to reapply! The last thing you want is for your vacation to be ruined due to a bad sunburn!


2.  ALWAYS bring a friend with you while you’re out exploring this summer. Hike, bike and swim with a buddy, never go alone.


3.  Bike safely in and around your neighborhood.  Wear a helmet! No matter how short or close to home you are riding, a helmet can decrease the risk of head injury by 85%.  Also, make sure to all traffic laws while you’re out riding your bike.


4.  Stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water and making sure you always have water nearby is key in preventing overheating during the hot summer months.


5.  Don’t forget to protect your pets! Never leave your pet in a hot car, exercise them in the cooler hours, protect their paws on the hot pavement and just like humans, make sure your pet stays hydrated!


These five summer safety tips is a great way to remind yourself and your family how to have a safe and enjoyable summer together.  We want our Lakeside community to make the most of these summer months and there is no better way to do so than by staying safe and healthy!