The chef-owner of Lezzet Restaurant boasts decades of experience crafting Turkish cuisine. He draws from this reservoir of expertise as he crafts Mediterranean dishes at his eatery, but the ingredients come from close by. Local, sustainable farmers and purveyors supply the building blocks for the recipes at Lezzet.You’ll taste the freshness in mezze, or small plates, such as the Brussels sprouts. They’re dusted with Urfa pepper, pan-fried, and drizzled with truffle yogurt. The Lezzet mezze sampler showcases house-made dips such as hummus and baba ganoush, while the zucchini pancakes marry fresh veggies and herbs with bread crumbs and mozzarella. For the main course, devour beef, chicken, or lamb seared on spits over the grill, or try a traditional entree like the moussaka. Often likened to lasagna, this Mediterranean version starts with strips of tender eggplant and ground beef tossed in bechamel sauce. The layers of meat, veggies, and tomato sauce culminate in an upper crust of parmesan cheese. Flatbreads, seafood-centric dishes, and wraps (for lunch only) round out the menu at Lezzet, along with desserts such as baklava and pistachio cake.