If you’re looking for an interactive date night to enjoy with your special someone, reserve a table at Iron Age Korean Steak House. The kitchen provides everything you need for a delicious meal of Korean barbecue, and then you actually cook it yourself on the grill situated in the center of your table. The DIY experience is a fun activity for a couple or a group of friends, and the results are mouthwatering.

Iron Age enlists the same all-you-can-eat approach as most of the traditional Korean barbecue restaurants, meaning you’ll get to taste-test a little bit of everything until you’re full! Start by ordering a few of the artfully prepped meats from each category, such as the lemon-pepper chicken, the salty soy pork bulgogi, and signature Iron Age steak. Feeling a little more adventurous? Add the spicy squid and spicy chicken thigh. Don’t forget about the sides! Iron Age Korean Steak House has all of your favorites, from stir-fried noodles and veggies (Japchae) to spicy kimchi and steamed eggs. Kick up the heat with a side of the spicy rice cakes, or order a plate of veggies to sear yourself atop the grill.