Craving a hot meal and cold drink? Sweetwater Tavern hears you! Curbside pick-up of their growlers is available each day, along with the incredible food that goes oh-so perfectly with your favorite brew. Order a big, entrée-worthy salad, classic cheddar cheeseburger, or fresh seafood dish with your growler to go, or enjoy the relaxed dining room at Sweetwater Tavern for a few craft cocktails and signature starters to catch up with friends. The restaurant also creates exceptional beef and chicken dishes, like the 5 Star® prime rib or aged ribeye, that rival any fancy eatery in town.

Perhaps better still, Sweetwater Tavern is committed to giving back to the community during these difficult times. The restaurant is a Great American Community Kitchen and prepares and distributes meals to combat food insecurity. You can fund a meal for just $10, and the Great American Community Kitchen will provide the food on your behalf. If you’ve been meaning to give back, place an order with Sweetwater Tavern, and don’t forget to tack on a funded meal or two.