If you’ve ever daydreamed about taking a trip through Asia, one of the high points is almost always going to be classic Asian street foods. Savory dishes such as pho, panipuri, gua bao, and gimbap top most travelers’ must-try lists, but desserts shouldn’t be overlooked. Fortunately, you don’t need to book a flight or take cooking lessons in order to try classic Asian street snacks and desserts. In fact, you can find your new favorites right here in Centreville with a visit to Iron Ice. You don’t need to pack a suitcase, but be sure to bring your sweet tooth along for the ride.

Iron Ice’s specialty is puffles, an egg waffle treat originally from Hong Kong. This dessert, Gai Dan Jai (雞蛋仔) in Cantonese, has a fluffy inside and crispy exterior. You can choose from a pre-designed puffle creation, like the Matcha Madness or Spongebob Squarepants–inspired, chocolaty creation. You can also create your own puffle with your choice of original, chocolate, toasted coconut, or cookies and cream base, and a variety of ice cream, toppings, and drizzles. Cover your creation with chocolate chips, Pocky, fruits, or condensed milk—the combinations are only limited by your imagination.