In search of a new restaurant to try near Lakeside Apartments? Head to Hao Ru! Specializing in Korean-Chinese cuisine, this newly opened addition to Centreville has already gained its fair share of avid fans, all of whom rave about the eatery’s generous portion of authentic Asian fare: “Really impressed with the Korean-Chinese dishes at Hao Ru,” writes one Yelp review, while another declares it to be the “Best Korean-Chinese restaurant in Centreville!” “The quality of food was exceptional and the price was reasonable,” explains another satisfied customer. “If you are craving Korean style Chinese dishes, this place is definitely worth a try.”

Some early customer favorites include tang su yuk, ja jang meon, and jjam pong. Try any of these for a casual weeknight dinner or to fulfill your wanderlust without leaving Centreville—as one Hao Ru fan writes, “If you are expecting to satisfy your Korean/Chinese food craving, this is the place to go.”