With our proximity so close to the nation’s capital here at Lakeside, we have several unique and varying dining and bar options right in our neighborhood!  As we have settled into our cozy spots around Centreville, we have seen places come, stay and sadly leave us wishing it wasn’t so!  Recently, we have watched a new spot open up and this is one we really don’t want to see go for some time, Chicken Zone!  If you have yet to venture the mile and a half up the road to this new spot…. well…. we just aren’t sure what you are waiting for exactly!


Chicken Zone is giving Centreville a modern and industrial spot to hang out at with friends and family.  Chicken Zone is a Korean inspired fried chicken restaurant with beers on tap, fun food options and a great cocktail menu.  The made-to-order fried chicken is the main attraction of Chicken Zone.  Chicken Zone has six flavors to chose from for their chicken; Original Fried, Soy, Chili Garlic, Cheesy Snow, Seasoned Spicy, and Chili. Our personal favorite is the garlic chili wings.  They are juicy and spicy with the perfect touch of sweet!  Besides the tasty chicken and drinks, the service at Chicken Zone will not go unnoticed.  The servers at Chicken Zone are welcoming, attentive and knowledgeable.


With its welcoming atmosphere and friendly service, Chicken Zone will quickly become a new favorite spot for you in Centreville!  We are positive and hopeful that Chicken Zone is here to stay!