Roasted turkey. Chicken pot pie. Pot roast. Some of your favorite comfort foods are being cooked fresh in the kitchen at Lazy Dog. But the next step is what’s truly unique. The kitchen team portions them into retro-style TV dinner trays, freezes them, and sells them directly to customers. You can stash them in your freezer for months and pop one on in the oven when you want a home-cooked meal without dirtying your kitchen. Of course, if you’d rather have the dine-in experience, Lazy Dog is ready and waiting for you. Grab a table and try some of the revamped comfort food, such as the loaded cheeseburger fries, the spicy candied bacon, or the sweet potato tater tots. For the main course, the chef crafts a variety of dishes inspired by cuisines from all across the globe. Stay Stateside with a BBQ ranch bacon burger or campfire pot roast, or journey to Europe when you order the chicken cordon bleu or beer-battered fish and chips. Craving Asian food? From the ginger-soy salmon to the Kung Pao chicken bowl, the options are plenty. And don’t forget dessert! Savor the signature triple chocolate mousse for a decadent end to your dinner.