Who doesn’t love ice cream? This July in Centreville has been a scorcher and we are pretty sure it will only get hotter in August.  We truly believe that the best way to cool off in this heat is by indulging in all things and varieties of ice cream, frozen yogurt or shaved ice!  So, grab a friend and take advantage of this heat to try out all the different frozen treats right here around Lakeside.


If you are a fan of the trendy FRO-YO then head out to either Sweet Frog or Tutti Frutti. If you have never been, these are both DIY stores where you, the customer, get to pick your own frozen yogurt flavors and toppings.  Trust us, the options and creativity are endless when it comes to these two places.


Looking for a variety of frozen treats all in one place? Check out Shilla Patisserie Cafe. This local chain of Korean influenced treats has four ways to cool off in these hot months.  Choose either a bubble tea, frozen yogurt, ice cream or their famous Bingsoo. Bingsoo is a Korean shaved ice dessert with a sweet topping to add to your indulgence. Another spot to check out if you like Bingsoo is Tous Les Jours, another Korean influenced bakery in Centreville.  Another popular spot to get your hands and taste buds on several  frozen treat options in our area is at Rita’s! Here you can get their popular italian ice in a variety of flavors, mix the Italian ice with their creamy custard by adding it to the top or swirling it into the Italian ice,  creamy custard on its own or you can even have a milkshake!


Lastly, if you are a traditionalist and love the homemade hard ice cream than you have to venture over to Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot.  It’s a little outside of Centreville, but truly worth the drive and it was voted the best ice cream in Northern Virginia! This family run, seasonal shop is just what you need on these warm summer days.  From the hard ice cream to their shakes and sundaes you won’t be disappointed!


Posted by Jill Burke