Even if you walked into Meat Project BBQ with zero understanding of its culinary philosophy, you’d catch on as soon as you glanced at any of the dining room tables. They’re all equipped with something you don’t usually see at a restaurant: a tabletop grill. It’s there that you and your dining companions grill artfully prepared Korean meats to your exact liking.

True to Korean barbecue tradition, the menu focuses on an all-you-can-eat approach to sit-down dining. For $30 per person, you can devour as much pork, beef, chicken, and seafood as your stomach can comfortably contain. If you’re not sure where to begin, start by picking a protein or two from each category. Complement the miso pork belly and the Hawaiian bulgogi with the spicy chicken and the honey-butter octopus. As the meats and seafood arrive at your table, start searing each of them on the already-sizzling grill as sides such as corn cheese and soybean soup begin to fill the table. For a true Korean dining experience, don’t forget to try soju, sake, or Korean wine, as well.